A Patient Care Performance Management (PCPM) Odyssey


When I refer to Patient Care Performance Management (PCPM), I am referring to applying Application Performance Management (APM) and Network Performance Management (NPM) strategies in a healthcare environment. (While this is directly applicable to healthcare, these can also be applied to other business verticals.)  Many healthcare IT organizations already understand the value that APM/NPM solutions bring, but what happens when you take full advantage of these toolsets and apply a true strategy? And is your organization applying a strategy?

When an organization embraces this strategy not only does the IT organization benefit, but the patient does as well. Caregivers apply their skills, passion, education and talent to the actual care of the patient.   When used in conjunction with technology to improve the health of the patient (not spending time improving the health of IT), only then can patient care truly be realized.

The Patient Care Performance Management (PCPM) series will cover the following topics:

1. Applying NPM to Healthcare
2. Applying Advanced NPM (call it NPM+) to Healthcare
3. Applying APM to Healthcare
4. Applying Advanced APM to Healthcare
5. Strategies to ensure success of your deployment

Applying NPM to Healthcare

In “Applying NPM to Healthcare” we will be reviewing how basic traffic metrics can be combined with organizational knowledge to improve delivery of network dependant services. This will touch on such common network technologies as “Netflow”, “jFlow”, “SFlow”, and “MIBII”. We will compare and contrast their benefits and limitations.

Link to the article ==> http://problemsolverblog.czekaj.org/troubleshooting/applying-npm-to-healthcare-a-pcpm-odyssey-part-1/

Applying Advanced NPM (call it NPM+) to Healthcare

“Applying Advanced NPM (NPM+) to HealthCare” will review how advanced metrics and techniques can be obtained through network instrumentation. This will be an absolute critical article to review if you’re anywhere in the decision-making process for tools and technology strategies for your healthcare organization.

Link to the article ==> http://problemsolverblog.czekaj.org/troubleshooting/applying-advance-npm-to-healthcare-a-pcpm-part-2/

Applying APM to Healthcare

The third article “Applying APM to Healthcare” will embrace flow based metrics as we apply them to individual applications. Inside this article we will review which protocols are common place and should be focused upon. Then provide analysis again on “synthetic transactions” and their role and short comings in this space.

Link to the article ==> http://problemsolverblog.czekaj.org/troubleshooting/applying-apm-to-healthcare-a-pcpm-odyssey-part-3/

Applying Advanced APM to Healthcare

Our fourth adventure, “Applying Advanced APM to Healthcare”, takes us on a journey of looking at the forest from the trees. NPM, APM and all the flavors in-between have their individual place, but we need to take a higher level view to see this information from a service perspective. This APM+ model permits us that visibility.

Link to the article ===>  http://problemsolverblog.czekaj.org/troubleshooting/applying-advanced-apm-healthcare-part-4/

Strategies to Ensure Success of your Deployment

The final installment will provide guidance on how you and your organization can approach this subject in a meaningful and complete way. No strategy can simply focus on all the positives, and as such we will highlight common hangups and gotchas. This article will also provide a complete view on how you can realize value as quickly as possible and ensure success into the future.

Link to Article ===> http://problemsolverblog.czekaj.org/troubleshooting/pcpm_4steps/

Much like a shepherd looking after his flock, this blog writer has invested time and energy to place you, the reader, in the best possible position once completing this series. So by all means, please provide feed back of your personal experiences on this topic…. Did I miss one? Let us know!

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